Southern Tier Fusion Preamble

Sunday evenings at 08:00 Local Time



This is (your call sign) net control station for the Southern Tier Fusion Network. This is a directed net and as such all traffic should be directed through net control. This net meets every Sunday evening at 08:00 local time for the purposes of exchanging information and discussing the Fusion / WiresX digital platform. All Licensed amateur radio operators are invited to participate and encouraged to check in. This is (your call sign) net control for the Southern Tier Fusion Network.

At this time we will take check-ins. Please give us your call sign, name, location whether you are base, mobile or portable and if you have any traffic, information or questions for the net.

Take Check In’s

(At this point you can do a round robin and give each operator the chance to comment or fill everyone in on what they are doing. The net control can give out general information that may be of interest to the group.)

To close the net you can gve the number of check in’s for the evening.

Ask for a volunteer for next week’s net.

And return the network to normal amateur use.

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