Sunday evening at 8:00 PM EST

The system is set up with a 3-minute timer

Good evening it is now 8:00PM local time and this is the ‘Southern Tier Fusion Network’. This network is comprised of the following repeaters.

The N2EUS repeater on 442.300 located on Harris Hill which is acting as the HUB for this network.

The KC2EQ repeater on 443.000 located in the city of Elmira.

The KA3EQU repeater on 443.800 located in Sayre on RoundTop in Athens Township.

And the N9RIM repeater on 147.270 located in Campbell New York at the west end of our coverage area and the only VHF repeater on the network at this time.

This network is made up of individual repeater owners and as such is not part of any club or organization. The name of The Southern Tier Fusion Network was chosen because we needed something to call it. It does not have to remain that. Again it’s just for identification purposes.

As a general practice all of the repeaters are run in AMS mode for the benefit of our analog friends but for purposes of this net we are all in digital mode using Fusion / WiresX.

The general purpose of this net is to allow those interested in digital/Fusion C4FM and WiresX to exchange what they are doing, ideas they may have with regards to the network, maybe problems they are having in setting up their systems or anything else regarding Fusion/WiresX.

Please refrain from any non-constructive comments about the network/system that are not accompanied with constructive comment.

This system is in its infancy and as such is going to have its hiccups. We are all learning and experimentation is part of who we are and what we do.

Any and all check in’s are welcome and we anticipate this net to last no longer than 50 minutes giving those who are joining another net at 9pm time to fill their coffee cups or empty as the case may be.

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