Introduction to the Area System Fusion Network

There are a number of privately owned System Fusion Repeaters in the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Tier of Pennsylvania that have been voluntarily linked through Wires-X to accomplish a wider area coverage than can be achieved by the individual repeaters.

Digital C4FM access to any participating local repeater will be repeated on all repeaters of the system. DN mode is used for best range and reliability. Users of the repeaters do not need to concern themselves with Wires-X as connections are already established. Wires-X control activation, thru the use of the X key on the users radio, is neither necessary nor desired.

Most repeaters are operating in Automatic Mode Control (AMS) and can be accessed as a local independent repeater when accessed with analog radios, using the repeaters assigned CTCSS (PL) Tone.

The repeater Fusion System can also be accessed using the user’s own Wires-X node connected to Room 40963.

Rules concerning control of the Local Repeater’s Wires-X Nodes

Wires-X was implemented solely as the linking system for the repeaters. It has much more functionality and capability than is being used in this application. But for the system to achieve a reliable wide coverage ,the repeaters’ primary linking needs to be available.

As the repeaters are independently owned, the rules for direct control of a repeater’s Wires-X node control is up to the individual owner, The owner or administrator is the Control Operator for his repeater. They will determine the rules for the repeater’s Wires-X node linking.

If Wires-X linking controls are accessible on a repeater, it is expected that individuals, desiring to control Wires-X node directly, contact the repeater owner or administrator for permission before proceeding.

Good courtesy might be for repeater owners to communicate local re-linking activities or habits, allowing other administrators to monitor the stability of the system.

Wires-X offers the ability to link with talk rooms, nets, and activities all over the world. Use of Wires-X by individuals should be encouraged through the use of individual Simplex Data Nodes utilizing an HRI-200 or a Personal (Portable) Data Node. Even analog users, using HRI-200s, can participate with Wires-X. Talk with other users to determine the best implementations.

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