Several Elmira, New York area YSF repeaters are linked by way of the WIRES-X network into one easily accessable "System". These repeaters are located along the route 86 corridor providing coverage from about Bath New York, to Binghamton. While most of the repeaters are operating UHF, one is using VHF. So if you were to program a dual band YSF mobile with the frequencies from the table below you could drive from Bath to Bingo and be in constant contact within the system. This would be "digital" mode access. The repeaters are in AMS mode (local) with the Wires-X thru put on digital.

Repeater Freq Location

N9RIM 147.27+ Campbell, NY

N2EUS 442.3+ Horseheads

KC2EQ 443.0+ City of Elmira

KA3EQU 443.8+ Sayre, PA

This of course deals with the RF access to the system . Additionally the system can have members that are connected by way of personal data nodes (PDN) or a basic HRI200/Wires-X . One such example is AC2YS who is running a node radio (on simplex) thru a HRI-200 from Vestal , NY which extends the system coverage eastward through Bingo. You are welcome to connect to the system by connecting to the hub, N2EUS, at room 40963.

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