I am not sure if you will find this helpful or not, here are the email addresses of the Fusion operators who have been checked in on Sunday night on a regular basis.

( Submitted by Mead - KA3EQU)

N9RIM Bill Hitchcock Campbell NY

N2EUS Barry Gabrial Elmira NY

KD2DGF Albert Comfort Horseheads NY

KC2EQ John Domville Elmira NY KC2EQ@YSF-Elmira-NY.com

AC2YS Bob Dengler Endwell NY

NX2W Greg Radford Elmira NY

N2OJM Elliott Blauvelt Horseheads

AD3O Denny Voorhees Sayre Pa

KA3EQU Meade Murtland Sayre Pa

KC2ZEQ Art Markle Lawrenceville Pa

W3JU Joe Underwood, Apalachin, NYMarklecorning@AOL.com

K2ROK Bill Cameron, Painted Post, NY

WB2OLJ George Folckemer

If you become aware of other Fusion operators please add them to our list and pass it on.

(NOTE: email address were removed from the above list and each user now is linked to his QRZ info file - the webmaster)

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